things the husband says

my husband always, sometimes on purpose, makes me laugh

Me: You bought a lot a fish for just tacos!
Husband: I told the fish guy we had four people coming to dinner.
Me: It's just us tonight...
Husband: Yep.

(Husband goes to Pinterest.com.)
Me: You have Pinterest?
Husband: I don't know. (Tries to log in.) Nope.
Me: What were you going to pin?
Husband: I dunno. Can I pin sports stuff?

(Me pouring one salsa container into another, almost spilling it all.)
Husband: You've made a lot of decisions in your life. I don't know that this one was the best one. Here's a napkin for when you spill.

(Husband holds up three sports shirts.)
Husband: Which one is your favorite?
Me: They're all sports shirts.
Husband: They're all different.
Me: What about wearing a solid color t-shirt?
Husband: Then it would be just like wearing fabric. Like, look at my fabric with sleeves.

Husband: Something smells like skunk.
Me: I don't smell it.
(Husband pulls me in for a hug.)
Me: Wait. Are you hugging me just so you can smell me?
Husband: When is the last time you washed your hair?
Me: Yesterday!
Husband: OK, I don't think the skunk smell is you.

Husband: Do you know what I was doing for so long?
Me: Noooo...
Husband: I was researching.
Me: Researching what?
Husband: When was the first Mariners' game I went to. It was May 9, 1992. They played the Tigers. It was Bat Night. But they lost, 13 to nothing... which is pretty normal.

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  1. Haha funny. I do the same thing. Write down our amusing family conversations.

  2. Hilarious! My favorite is the fabric with sleeves! He's a keeper ;-)

  3. I laughed out loud about the fabric with sleeves! Oh man. Too funny!

  4. ha! I love this. my husband is always saying the craziest things.


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