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happy friday friends. My week has flown by. I'm starting to plan for the holiday line for rouge + whimsy (I know, nuts right?) as well as doing all I can do soak up summer. Plus, I'm loving the possibility of finally finishing our basement this weekend and next week! (Six month remodel-- so not loving it. You can read about some of that here.)

currently reading: The Apple Orchard and the She Reads Truth Hebrews study

currently listening to: Hozier. Ohhhh I cannot get enough. I'm going to his concert in October.

currently watching: Fixer Upper and My Big Fat Renovation on HGTV. Home renovations on my mind... what can I say.

links to love: 

- Yellow Heart Art's new bridal line (and I love this behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot!)

- Such a good post about small biz and sale numbers.

- oh I love what Lis posts and this one is no different.

- why learning something new can be tough

- in light of what is going on in ferguson, an interview with a pastor there.

- how a password changed someone's life ... this is incredible

- a good explanation of everything going on Iraq

- just discovered this: why the world needs makers to say no

what are you reading/listening to/eating/loving this week?

xo, erika


  1. hgtv is one of my very favorite channels (next to tcm)!! i always love seeing the different designs/layouts these folks come up with!!! xoxo

  2. You are TOO sweet. I think you should come back, grab some wine in a mug, and fight for the internet with me. I miss that.

  3. OMG LOVE Yellow Heart Art's bridal line!

  4. thinking about the holidays is scary. what the hell happened to 2014?!?!? Have a great weekend :). xoxo

  5. Really love your links! The password one is such a sweet story.


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