the importance of a staycation

Sometimes a vacation is not in the budget. Sometimes you can't take an entire week off... so sometimes the best vacation ends up just being a staycation.

A few weeks back the husband and I made a point to have a staycation day. Rather than default to our normal days -- me trying to get *all* the things done -- we put our phones away and took some quality time -- just us.

That day, laundry was forgotten. Dishes were left in the sink and we did nothing. We slept in, went for a leisurely run, watched TV (in the middle of the day!) and walked to the beach where I read and watched the sailboats while he dozed on the sunbaked sand.

To be honest, I have a hard time with nothing. I like to hustle. I feel guilty when I'm not checking off a to-do list but let me tell you, ignoring the phone, ignoring the have-tos and should-dos, was glorious. I think exactly what we are called to do sometimes.

All of us have things in our life we need to do-- we have responsibilities and checklists, but sometimes it's so important to throw those to the wayside, leave the phone on the nightstand and check out from the real world for awhile.

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  1. We did that this weekend! We went to the movies, had a pool day, had a movie night on the porch, went ot Ikea and the MOA. It was awesome!


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