dear bride

Dear bride,

You look gorgeous, you know that? You really do. It's the one time in your life you're wearing false eyelashes and they work. They'll make your eyes pop in your photos.

And your wedding is perfect. Everything looks great. Please don't worry about what others think about your wedding or whether you should have added more personal touches. No one is here to see the decorations. They're here to see you.

You've been waiting for this day for ever. Or so it feels like forever. And the day has finally come -- it's the peak of dating, the big finale, the best day ever!

Actually, stop there. Today, is not the finale. Today is not the peak. It's the beginning. It's one blip on the radar of your life. Sure, it's a special day, a day where you feel good about wearing this much makeup and a really expensive dress, but it is just one piece of your life, and maybe not even the most important piece.

Tomorrow is more important and every day after that. The day you have the worst day at work, and your car breaks down and you get in a fight but you choose to lean in and still love him, and still trust in your relationship -- that is a more important day. Today, on your wedding day, love is easy. Three years from now when you're figuring out a budget together, love is not as glamorous.

This isn't to say that marriage won't be fun or wonderful or that there won't be moments of love. There will be those moments. I know you think you know that guy you're marrying, but you don't. You've just scratched the surface of who he is; you only know a little bit of his hopes and dreams and the very fabric of what makes him the man you love. Each day you have the opportunity to know him more, to support him more, to learn how to love him more.

I know you think you know everything right now. But you're really young. My goodness you're young. I'm not sure how your parents said yes to you getting married... especially because five years from now you're going to be suspicious of anyone knowing what they're doing getting married right out of college. In the next few years you're going to learn a lot about life, and a lot more about love. Good thing you're marrying someone who will help you learn those things

This is a lot to take in right now. It's overwhelming but I just wanted to encourage you today, on your wedding. Five years from now, you're going to look back at your wedding and think back to that day-- a beautiful, momental day, but just one day that begins a much bigger and better journey. Get excited.


Happy five years Evan. Life is pretty great with you. 


  1. Such a beautiful post Erika. Happy five years to you and your husband. I married young & just celebrated our five year anniversary as well. Marriage is fun, its a journey, its hard. But truly I wouldn't want to travel this road with anyone other than my best friend. Your words are wonderfully true & written with such love and maturity. Thank you for sharing this :) & what a beautiful bride you were!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful piece. Refreshing and beautiful.

    Thank you!

  3. beautifully said! happy late anni!


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