backyard swings and to-do lists

You know those things that you mean to do? Those things that linger on the to-do list for ages? And each day, you're like, someday. Some day this will be a priority.

Yes, me too.

In fact I have quite the to-do list -- mentally, typed into my phone and scrawled on notepads. Some are important, some not-so-much. Some things have been on there for years. And I'm happy to say I finally checked one item off.

The back story: Our little house has actually quite a big backyard, (big for city limits, that is), and holding center court is an enormous willow tree. The tree guy said it's one the biggest he's ever seen in Seattle. When we bought our house I told the husband that the tree would some day be perfect for a swing.

I kept saying it. We talked about buying one. And then our neighbor made one out of part of fallen tree in his own backyard. The seat is rustic and perfect and of course, it sat on our deck for a few weeks before we finally got around to hanging it this past weekend.

One (fun) item checked off the to-do list. I feel accomplished.

p.s. can we talk about maxi skirts for just one quick second? I left my token maxi skirt in Uganda for Asher, and have been looking for a new staple for awhile. This one has a bit of a swing-y action at the bottom, which makes it quite fun.

skirt: c/o Gypsy Threads
top: Target
sandals: Seychelles
necklace: Mandy England
bracelets: Nordstrom Rack


  1. I'm a list girl, I just have to make sure I don't value myself if things get done or not. I'm still a good person either way, kinda silly I know...but those lists man, they suck me in. I love! that you got something accomplished off your list! And what an amazing place for a swing! My corgi would look the same way if I tried to have her sit with me, terrified. haha & I love the skirt so so cute!

  2. oh man!! i wish we had a tree in our backyard for a swing!! I haven't been on a swing in forever!! and I love that swing seat!! it is so pretty!! and your outfit is perfection! xo

  3. Love that swing! Emoji heart eyes all over the place!

  4. Oh my gosh I'm jealous of your swing. We have a tree in our front yard that would be PERFECT for a swing. Hmm...

  5. awwwww how fun is a backyard swing!? love it!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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