a prescription for ordinary days

Some days are really ordinary. Let's just say that. And some days I want fireworks, a big event with laughter and late nights. But instead, it's laundry and traffic and responsibilities ... the same old routine. 

I think, whenever possible, it's good to inject special into the everyday. Like eating cake for breakfast or wearing glittery nail polish, or maybe wearing something out of your comfort zone. For me, the injection is a kimono with fringe. This is not my normal uniform. It is loud and bright and makes a statement. And on an ordinary weekday, it's just what the doctor ordered. (Because there should be doctors who prescribe cute clothing... )

kimono c/o: gypsy threads
jeans: bdg


  1. I like it...inject special into an every day routine. Great outfit, too!

  2. Is it weird that sometimes I love ordinary days?

  3. Suddenly, a kimono is a NECESSARY ADDITION to my wardrobe. So cute.

  4. That is such a great way to make ordinary days special! You should wear it every day. It could be your signature style piece. :) I would support that.

  5. beautiful kimono... and outlook on making everyday special in its own way :)



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