messy hair

When I was in junior high -- and I admit -- well into high school and part of college, I did my hair to an almost obsessive level. Pony tails couldn't have "bumps" -- remember those days? -- and my hair had to be perfectly straight.

The thing is, my hair does not lie perfectly straight. It's got this slight bend to it, that makes one side turn in and one side turn out. This drove me nuts as a 17-year-old. Each morning I entered the bathroom armed for battle, mousse in my left hand and curling iron in my right.

Two things changed.

One, I got lazier. Or rather, I started accepting that my hair would not be perfectly straight. I can straight-iron the heck out of it, but once I step outside, some bends are going to appear. I started asking for haircuts that would fit with my hair's natural shape, rather than bringing along a magazine clipping of a hair style that would never work for me.

Also, I got a little lucky, because messy hair -- at least where I live -- is in style. Perfectly coiffed, pin-straight is still beautiful, but hair with bends and kinks, is just as acceptable.

As I get older, (I know, in the grand scheme of things I am not that old), I am coming more and more to terms with things about myself. Sure, accepting the texture of hair is a small thing, I think it's just one part of a journey to be happy with who God made me to be.

my recipe for messy hair

Towel dry and comb hair.
Blow dry hair, scrunching as you dry.
Dry hair to about 80 percent dry, then spritz in sea-salt spray
Scrunch a little more -- finish with hair spray, if desired.


  1. Oh yes. Messy hair is the best hair and has always been my favorite!!


  2. I remember those no-bumbs-in-the-pony-tail days. Friends would make fun if there was a hair out of place. I, too have accepted my natural curls and waves and acceptable, and at times beautiful. I used to straighten my hair everyday, shower each night, and repeat. It wasn't until this year that I realized that I was really hurting my hair, and I would leave it natural and not put heat on it for about a week to let it recover, I would also not wash my hair for a few days to revive my scalp. I have to say that my hair is looking a lot healthier. Embrace the messy hair! It is the best, and shows off the natural beauty that God gave you! You go girl!

  3. People have always said I have "natural bed head" because I always have messy hair...even when it's neat! It's just that way. So I have always embraced it.


  4. I'm still coming to terms with my hair. I grew up always wanting my hair to look PERFECT so it's hard for me to let that go, and as someone with naturally curly hair that can be HARD.

  5. I just cut my hair the shortest it's ever been, and I'm so happy with it, but yes: it was important to me to be able to just do nothing with it and still have it look okay.


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