a little shift in direction

I keep trying to make time to blog but lately the day job, and then etsy shop have taken up most of my time. Also, sleep. By the time I have a moment to blog, my bed calls me and suddenly the ideas I have for a post seem lame in comparison to catching up on my beauty sleep. (And this girl needs beauty sleep.)

I have been thinking a lot about blogging. It was my first love -- way before my etsy shop-- and I love it but more and more I'm finding that I don't have a ton of time for it. And when I do blog, the audience I once had seems to have disappeared. (I think they're hanging out on Instagram.)

That's fine, I get it. Today people like photos, not words and I can be wordy. And honestly it's made me really think about why I write on the blog. Is it for comments? Is it for recognition? If I honestly think about it, I know the answer is yes to both of those.

I think on some level it's fine to want recognition for the work that you do-- to feel like what you put out there is appreciated. But I do not want to be driven by what others think of me, or how they respond to me.

All this to be said is that there will be a little shift on rouge + whimsy. I am going to be sharing less recipe posts, less diy posts (not that I've done one in forever) and a few less outfit posts. Instead, I'm going to be sharing more about what I'm thinking about, dreaming about... It'll be less Pinterest and more library book.

I hope you stick around, but if not, that's cool, too. It'll give me the chance to practice what I preach. 


  1. Oh girl I hear ya. Was just thinking about this. The community used to hang out on the blogs, and now it is shifted to social media. Which is fine, but it leaves you feeling like all your time is not being well spent. I am sure you will feel peaceful though having more time to breathe!

  2. I feel the same way... a year ago I was getting 30 and 40 comments a post. Yesterday I got 6. I think your shift is a good move, I've been kind of wanting to step that way myself.

    I'll continue to read, you're one of my favorite bloggers!

  3. A shift in another direction can be good and its hard to figure out what your audience is looking for. I'm looking forward to hearing what you're dreaming about! I think you're right though, as people we want recognition and validation in what we're doing, especially if it is important to us.

  4. I know what you mean!!
    Write about what you love Erika!! New directions are always a good idea!! :) xoxo

  5. Isn't it wild how much blogging has changed since IG? I'm guilty of it myself. I miss blogging so much and reading blogs. Just letting you know that I'm sticking around :)

  6. Good for you! I just recently wrote a post about how bloggers apologize for being absent and there's no reason for it. It's your life! Your blog! You do what you want with it. And i think the library book posts are much more interesting anyway.

  7. No matter what direction you shift in, I'll still be here reading!


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