watermelon mint daiquiri

one of my favorite parts of New Orleans was a simple stall in the open-air market in the French Quarter.

The stand was called "Organic Banana" and you could buy a 16-ounce fresh fruit daiquiri for $6.99. And being New Orleans, you could take the daiquiri with you, to sip while you walked.

In Seattle, it's not legal to drink a daiquiri in the street, but you can make pitchers of it for backyard or porch sipping. I've made several versions since returning home, including my most recent variation with watermelon and mint.

watermelon mint daiquiri

2 cups frozen cubed watermelon
1/2 cup pineapple or other juice
handful of mint leaves, torn
juice of half a lime
3 shots of rum (of course without this, it's just as good)
1 cup of ice

blend ingredients well, serve immediately with a garnish of mint.

You can use nearly any fruit here. This weekend I tried peach, and left the mint out. I've also made mango daiquiris. In both cases, the fruit does not need to be frozen, but freezing the fruit makes it a little more refreshing on a hot day.

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  1. This sounds so delicious, i wish i had a glass of this right now!! ;)
    I think I'm def. going to have to pick up some watermelon and try this out!! Thanks for this recipe Erika!!


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