a post about polka dots and maybe nothing at all

I haven't done an outfit photo post in awhile. It's not because I've stopped wearing outfits or clothes in general -- (although there is a nudist colony about a half hour north of Seattle... ha) -- but I have a hard time forcing myself to get out the camera and take photos. I still have not mastered the tripod thing and I absolutely feel so awkward taking photos by myself. Apparently I still care a little too much about what people think.

And if I do get good outfit photos, they are care of my friend Sam, and sometimes it's hard to coordinate schedules and good outfits. I know, life is so hard.

With all that said, I'm ploughing through June and waiting for the weather to make up its mind and just be steadily nice. Until then, it's still about my favorite leather jacket and polka dots.

tee: thrifted
jacket: Nordstrom
jeans: Gap
shoes: Toms

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  1. I have a hard time myself since 5 days out of the week I'm in all black with my hair up and sweaty makeup at work. I feel ya.


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