a real good giveaway (anthro, raybans + more!)

Some people don't like getting older, but Blair (over at Wild & Precious) sure does and this lovely group of Blair's blogging buddies and I have teamed up to throw her a big birthday giveaway celebration in honor of her 30th birthday tomorrow!

I have never met Blair in person but in the age of the Internet it doesn't matter; she's just one of those people that I feel instantly connected to in that weird web way. (Bloggers, you get that right?) She's fabulous with a great sense of style and beautiful writing style. And she definitely has good taste in giveaways...

Our birthday girl: Blair / Wild & Precious
The Hosts:  Erika / Rouge + Whimsy  ..  Kacia / Coconut Robot  ..  Jessi / Suzie Studios
Moriah / Moriah Sunde  ..  Sandy / Sandy a la Mode  ..  Lindsy / LMR Photos  ..  Kara Kae / the Mom Diggity

The Prizes: Winner's Choice of Ray-Bans from sunglassesshop.com, $50 gift certificate to heels.com, $50 gift certificate to Conversation Pieces, $40 Anthropologie gift certificate, a fashionABLE scarf, brown panama hat from Gypsy Threads, $30 gift certificate to rouge + whimsy, and a boho head wrap from Suzie Studios! -- that's a loot over $375!!

Enter using the rafflecopter widget below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck + happy friday!

Also, if you happen to win, can I suggest buying the "Erika" shades from Ray-Ban? It's like they were named for me...

xo, erika


  1. Oh gee, I guess my 16th birthday party was a great one! I loved my gifts and the people who came!

  2. well...I have been wanting a new pair of ray bans for a while now ;) very awesome of you ladies to host a giveaway for someone's birthday, very cool indeed :)

  3. my favorite birthday was my surprise 16. my mom was in the hospital but my friends still threw me something to make me feel special.

  4. My favorite birthday party? Had to have been my 21st! Just getting together with my friends and having a blast.

  5. My favorite b-day was when I turned 13- we were in Florida visiting my aunt and it was just the best day ever!

  6. Last year, my friend and I went to NYC for my birthday, and we met a girl who had the same exact birth date. She let me share her party with her at a club she rented out! And people say New Yorkers aren't nice!


  7. i dont know if i have a favorite birthday, but one that really sticks out in my mind is my 21st birthday, because its the first birthday i spent with my husband!

  8. so fun! love this group of ladies ;) fave bday party....my surprise 30th!!!! hands down!

  9. Going way back, my 11th birthday I think it was, we rented a hotel room in a hotel that had a pool and I got to have a few friends stay the night and it was a blast. My mom earned a lot of brownie points on that one!

  10. I don't remember what year, maybe about 7 yrs old, but I remember getting exactly what I'd asked for - a Flipper cake and a new bike!


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