what i wore in nola (or how to style a crop top without showing your stomach)

Crop tops are everywhere but even if you have the stomach to show off, showing off your stomach in public is not always the best choice. So how do you style the cut crop top without flashing midriff?

I bought a too-short tee from my local thrift store (Value Village to me, Savers to everyone else) and hemmed it so it hit at belly button length. From there, I paired it with another thrifted skirt -- one I can wear at my belly button. The effect is the same-- a shorter, fun top, but rather than baring skin underneath, I'm merely showing off the waist band of my pleated skirt.

There's a ton of box-ier tees to be found at thrift shops (mine was $2) and if you're comfortable with a sewing machine (it's a super basic technique) you can hem one to the length you want.

happy friday!

xo, erika


  1. This is what I like to do!! Or wear them with high waisted pants.

  2. Brilliant! I'm not a fan of reaching up and suddenly realizing I'm showing the world my mid-section :)

  3. This is super cute + totally do-able! I love the crop top trend and pairing it with high waisted shorts/skirts!!


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