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The husband and I are headed to New Orleans next week and although I've been to Atlanta (for like a day), this is my first time to the South. We're excited to explore and to eat-- and I need your suggestions! Where should we go? What can we not miss? We'll be gone for five days.

Some of my favorite stuff from the internet from this week:

>> jonesin' for likes-- an incredible post about creating boundaries about the web.

>> I have a ridiculously huge rhubarb plant and rhubarb-lemon bundt cake and rhubarb pie sound like perfect uses of it.

>> have you guys heard of Alt? I have been taking their free classes and I highly recommend. (It's on my bucket list to go to their full conference.)

>> I confess, I love me some NPR and I remember first hearing about the girls getting kidnapped in Nigeria but then the Nigerian government said they were returned... which somehow was a lie and they really are not home. So join me for praying for their return. I love this post about that.

>> I love to read. You know that. So although this book list is for moms, I think a lot of these would work for any book worm.

>> such a beautiful post about endings leading to new beginnings

Also, if you are local, the Moorea Seal store is opening in Belltown! I am so over-the-moon thrilled for her and her team! The launch party is from 6 to 9 p.m. and the first attendees get a little gift. :)

happy weekend friends!

xo, erika


  1. Hey Erika :) Always love reading your uplifting blog! And your style! The funny thing is, I've been reading two blog post about new orleans at the same time. Do you know Joy the Baker? She recently moved to New orleans and started a page on her blog about what to see. Maybe this could be helpful for you? Enjoy your trip :)



  2. Erika-

    I grew up in New Orleans! It's a beautiful city, despite its often seedy reputation. I recently wrote a post about it called Going Home:


    Spend a lot of time Uptown in the Garden District. The Garden District tour is excellent. The homes are beautiful and the above ground cemeteries, unique to NOLA, are a must-see. Magazine street is a lot of fun to stroll down. Lots of shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. St. James Cheese Company, righ toff of Magazine St on Prytania, is a great place for lunch. Jacques Imo's and Dick and Jenny's are twp great places for dinner. And, if you're into craft cocktails, Cure is amazing.

    The French Quarter is beautiful, too, especially during the day. Bourbon St. has earned its reputation for a reason so I would steer clear. The Napoleon House is a great place for a romantic dinner. The courtyard is perfect--you'll feel like you're in Europe. Another great place in the Warehouse District is Cochon. It's relatively new, post-Katrina. The chef has won multiple awards.

    Erg. I could go on and on. One last recommendation: you have to get a snoball! It doesn't matter from where; I've never had a bad one.

    Enjoy your visit! I'd love to hear what you think about it.

  3. We just started serving strawberry rhubarb muffin and strawberry rhubarb piekins (they're like an individual slice of pie) at work. I like them but rhubarb freaks me out! The texture is too much like celery.

  4. Ohhh, i love New Orleans! It is one of my favorite cities in America. The French Quarter is so beautiful but can be messy and dirty - just beware. I think it adds to the charm ;). There are a ton of old houses you can tour (which is totally my thing) as well as a fun night time "ghost/haunted" walking tour. And, Abita Strawberry Beer is so delicious and refreshing. It's perfect for a hot, humid night. Have fun!


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