a little roadtrip (quite a bit ago)

if you didn't blog about it, did it happen? 

I kid, I kid. But honestly, this is a post a long time coming.

Right before Thanksgiving the husband and I took a little road trip down to Portland. We stayed with his best friend, we went to a Portland Trailblazers game, ate FAR too much and I saw some amazing ladies at the PNW Blogger meetup.

But the big thing was that we were able to test drive a brand-new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport on the way down.

The husband and I are not big car people. I mean, we would like to drive really nice cars, but we're perfectly fine with the ones we happen to have. I drive a 2000 Ford Focus (whom is unforunately named Brian) and Evan drives a 1998 Camry (named Susan, of course. Side note: do any of you name cars?) For a long time we only relied on my car; Susan is a newer addition to our family. Neither of us drive a ton -- we live two miles from my husband's job and I get to work by bus.

Both of our vehicles are reliable but they are a no-frills-type of car. The husband's ride doesn't even have a CD player. I have a keyless entry but it only works half the time. The husband's stereo buttons are falling off. My rear windows don't go down. Needless to say, no one stares with jealousy when we roll by in our cars.

So when the husband and I drove the Outlander Sport to Portland -- it's about a three hour trip from Seattle -- we felt like we were high rollers. Serious high rollers. For one thing, the Mitsubishi not only has a keyless entry, but a keyless start. You just hit a button and if the key is in your pocket, the car starts.

The stereo not only comes with a CD player, but it can BURN CDs to its stereo. It also has Sirius radio, which, if you didn't know, has about a bajillion stations. You can also play an iPod and connect your smart phone to talk on the phone. If you drive a newer car, this may be nothing new, but for us, we felt a little bit like we had wandered into the future.

The car is an SUV so it has great storage and room, but when you drive it, you don't feel like you're about to mow someone over. And -- despite its SUV status, the car gets great gas mileage-- 27 to 29 on the freeway -- which believe it or not, is comparable to my Ford Focus.

The only bad part about test driving the car? Returning it. And then having to go back to our regular cars. I keep trying to start my car by the push of a button, but it's just not working.

Do you guys drive nice cars? Or are you rumbling along in an ol' reliable?

xo, erika

Thank you so much to STI, who let me test drive a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport! I had five days with the car to try it out, and as always, my opinions of the experience are my own. 


  1. Wow, I would feel like a high-roller riding in that too! We have never driven new or fancy cars. Hubby and I share a vehicle - a 2004 Mazda3 that actually is having some issues right now but we are procrastinating on bringing it in. Bleach, some times I really wish we were cruising around in a new, smooth-sailing car, but I would never want to spend all that money leasing!

  2. Such a fun opportunity to take it on a road trip! My husband has been researching SUV's and this is one he really wants to test drive :)

  3. Adorbs! My car is named Dotty & I have had her since my 16th birthday. The old gal just turned over 250,000 miles on the way back from Christmas…


  4. My husband and I are fortunate to work at the same university and we were gifted a lovely 1996 Buick Regal. She's been very good to us for three years and only just now won't let me in the passenger side door without a little muscle. When we borrow my sister's 2006 Ford Focus for long trips, we feel like Kings!!!


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