last minute gift (card) diy

I didn't mean to be a last minute shopper but this season really got away from me this year to the point where I was out Sunday, fighting lines and crowded parking lots to try and snag some last minute gifts. Not my most favorite moments, to be honest.

I always pride myself on getting creative gifts but sometimes what people really want is a gift card. Which-- for a last minute gift-- isn't too hard to get. The husband and I live within less than a mile of a Fred Meyer and a QFC (both Kroger stores) and both are stocked with gift cards.

But-- just because I got a gift card, does not mean that I can't be creative in how I give it.

If you give a shopping gift card-- Kroger stores have Gap cards, Nordstrom cards and pretty much any retail store you can think of-- how about pairing it with some shopping essentials?

I made a little shopping survival kit with some other items I just grabbed from the grocery store-- chapstick, gum, and a chocolate bar for surviving a shopping sesh.

In a word document, I made a cute little label and printed it out to glue on the bar's wrapper. I bought some colored pencils -- always good to have those on hand -- and added a bit of color to make a customized chocolate bar.

Want to make you own customized bar to go along with a gift card? You can save the pdf below and print it out at home. It will fit most large candy bars (think a king-size Hershey bar, or something fancier.) ;) (p.s. if you're reading this on a phone or through a reader, I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the pdf so you may need to click through to download.)

anyone else running around doing some last minute shopping? I may need *one* more thing.

xo, erika

disclaimer: kroger provided me with gift cards to come up with a creative & fun way to give their gift cards. My opinions & the project shared are my own.  


  1. Yes! I have totally been a last minute shopper this season (not like me). Love the idea of making a gift card more fun and the wrapper :)

  2. Awesome idea! Christmas is done (obv, since I'm typing this *on* Christmas), but I will tuck this away for birthdays and other such occasions :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are a present my Beloved Friend!!!!! Again, thank you so much for the amazing Gift Card and message! As well as discussing how you came up with this and did it. Wonderful idea!!


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