friday finds & favorites #10

So I don't actually know what number friday finds and favorites this is but I thought 10 was a good number.

This week I can't get enough of fall here and all its colors -- clearly as much as my silly pup.

I've also been super blessed to have not one but two Google + chats with people to talk shop stuff and I just leave so inspired and grateful for this community that helps each other. (Also, video chat is the only thing I use Google+ for... anyone else?)

other stuff I love:

imaginary fashion bloggers -- super adorable and creative blog

thankful block by bubblewrappd (perfect for thanksgiving)

- have you ever heard of the vitamin string quartet? They play (awesome) classical versions of contemporary songs

- I also love my immersion blender. I think I mentioned that last week, but seriously. Best $13 I've spend this year. end of story. 

- I don't wear brooches, but I would so totally wear this one.

- being honest on blogs. I feel like people are just putting it out there. It's pretty cool.

what do you guys love this week? link up your post (not your whole blog) and link back here to me or Beth at Dot in the City somewhere in your post!

xo, erika


  1. OMG, that brooch!!! It's adorable!!!

    As is your pupper. <3

  2. I LOVE that brooch!!
    That leaf is so pretty (Yay! For Fall!!)
    And your pup is darling (as always!!) :)

  3. I need an immersion blender, it would make soup making way easier. I had one in college and a friend broke it...sad!

    I'm loving the fall colors. We're headed to Cape Cod tomorrow and I can't wait for the drive!

  4. I love honest bloggers that really open themselves up, it's so refreshing.

    Happy Friday lady!

  5. Your doggie is so cute. Missing fall foliage down here in the south.

    I love the brooch too!


  6. Thank you for the shout out, sweet friend. <3


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