(easy + cheap) DIY dog costume

To be honest, I only made this costume for one reason and one reason only. 
Entertainment's sake. 

Two years ago, I made my little monster a monster costume for a Halloween dog contest and honestly it was one of the those things that made me laugh so hard whenever he wore it. 
Unfortunately, the monster costume is a little tight, so I decided to make a new costume for about $2 in about a half hour.

If you too, decide that you little furry one needs a costume, I promise it's pretty easy. (And honestly could probably work for infants as well.) 

1 boys t-shirt (0.99 cents at Goodwill)
felt (I chose dark gray and white, 0.25 cents a sheet at Joann Fabrics.)
scrap cardboard
glue gun
optional: sewing machine or thread and needle

1. Pick out a t-shirt that will fit your dog and cut off the sleeves and the stomach area. Keep the sleeves for later.  2. Cut out various felt shapes. I chose to sew fins by cutting out two fin shapes, sewing along the edges and then turning them inside out. 3. If you want your fin shape to stand upright, you can place a piece of cardboard in it. 4. Hot glue the pieces to the shirt. 

headpiece: (optional)
1. stretch the sleeve as much as you can; you can cut a little slit at the back to make the sleeve fit even better. 2. cut out holes for the dogs' ears. 3. I attached a felt triangle with white triangle teeth at the top of the sleeve for the sharks' head. 

Find your dog and get him dressed! I am not responsible for any upset animals, but I will take full responsibility for you laughing hysterically at your dog. 
The best thing about my dog is while he HATES having the costume put on him, but once he's wearing it, he could care less.

We actually played fetch with him last night while he was wearing the shark costume. It may have been the best thing ever.
Do you dress up your animals? Am I super weird/mean for doing this?  Maybe don't answer that. :)
xo, erika


  1. haha! love it! my corgi, Lucy, is going to be a hotdog for halloween...she's not a big fan of the costume but she gets over it pretty quick if we give her a snack ;)

  2. bahaha!! He is SOOOO cute as a little shark!!
    I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE dressing up my little Tiger in outfits I find in the dollar bin at Target. (However she doesn't love it nearly as much as I do!!)

  3. Aaah! This is hysterical! Dogs in costumes never cease to crack me up. I love that they have no idea how funny they look. Your costume-making skills are awesome.

  4. Oh that is SO CUTE! I may have to steal this idea for my pup this year. :)

  5. My dogs would KILL me if I made them wear a costume.

    I kind of want to do it anyway...

  6. lovely DIY!
    You have a wonderful blog! Do you want to follow each other? Follow my blog on Bloglovin'. Let me know in my comments and I will follow back ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. Haha that's awesome!!

  8. Wonderful dog halloween costumes. I was browsing and hope I could add some to my pinterest board dog halloween costumes. Hope it's okay with you. :) Keep up the good writing too!

  9. To be honest, I only made this costume for one reason and one reason only ... costumeshark.blogspot.com


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