the shift dress

 polka dot shift dress: c/o kintage // belt: off another dress // shoes: nordstrom rack

I think for a long time everything in fashion was super, overly fitted.

Or maybe that was just me-- because I was in high school and wearing the tightest Gap tee I could find was just what teenage girls did.

I love that now there's an ease to clothes-- clothes are looser, more natural, more curve skimming rather than curve hugging.

In particular, I'm seeing shift dresses everywhere, the straight, looser-fitting dress. The look is definitely classic, a little bit 60s, and so effortless.

And if you feel like you need a little shape, you can always belt it around the waist. Perfection.

Oh by the way, yes my nude shoes do perfectly match my very pale legs. And yes, it's only 65 degrees out, but I'm rocking the bare legs because I'm from Seattle, and that's what we do.

xo, erika


  1. Your shoes really do perfectly match your legs! Too cute!

  2. I love that dress! And I totally agree about the whole overly-fitted thing. Last week I was going through my closet and found all these old clothes that didn't fit me back then, let alone now. I love the flowy dresses and breezy skirts.

  3. giiirl, I love a shift dress. they are so easy yet look a like you tried :).

  4. haha I definitely remember a time in jr high/high school when the tighter the fit, te better. thank God that is no longer the case. love an effortless look like this. I need to do an outfit post one of these days.


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