oh scotland

I expected to be head over heels for France again.

But we stayed just in Paris, and don't love cities. I don't mind them (I mean, I live within Seattle city limites), but really I dislike the center of cities, the buildings, the crowds, the buzz... I like it a little more rural.

Which is probably why I loved Scotland on this trip. Edinburgh is a small city and it doesn't feel very city-like, at least compared to immense size of Paris and London. Nature wasn't contained to manicured parks, but right outside the streets and accessible. Within a short walk, you could feel like you were a million miles away. I love that.

Scotland also feels wild. Once upon a time I desperately wanted there to be fairies. My friend and I thought that if angels existed, then fairies must be their miniatures. I told her when I got back that if there was ever a place where fairies could exist, it would be Scotland.

The other great thing about Scotland is how much feels unchanged. It feels ancient and even what they call the "New Town" was built in the early 19th century. Living in America (and in a young city), I just can't get over the age of the structures in Europe.

Does anyone else love wandering around old cemeteries? It's one of my favorites.
We stayed in the best little bed and breakfast-- and emphasis on breakfast. It was amazing.
Edinburgh was built on a dormant volcano and there are these amazing crags surrounding the city.
We climbed the highest crag-- Arthur's Seat.
 The Holyrood Palace is where the Queen of England stays while in Scotland and apparently it's her favorite castle.
 St. Margaret's Loch, which oddly enough was filled with swans. Above is a the remains of an abby we climbed to.

All in all-- Scotland, I loved you. You and your people's accents.

xo, erika


  1. oh my gosh! I need to visit Scotland! I've always thought it seemed so magical :)

  2. Thanks for so many kind words about my home country. I've been here for so long (and lived in three different cities) that I forget about these little things.

  3. Again with the architecture! I'm such a sucker for it!

  4. I have absolutely LOVED your photos. I'm obsessed with Europe...as in - obsessed with wanting to go someday. So thank you!!!

  5. SO beautiful!!! what an amazing looking trip!

  6. I've always wanted to go to Scotland because of Lochness + fairy mounds!! I still think that somewhere in this great big world are tiny fairy's dancing unseen by human eyes!! and all these photos just make me want to go to Scotland so much more than I already did!! ;)
    I'm so glad that you + your husband had such a great time on your vacation!! I am LOVING reading all about your adventures!! xoxo

  7. Having been to Scotland many times, and being married to a Scot, I never fail to love it in the same way you describe. Edinburgh really is a great place and so much can be found within a short distance that is nothing short of amazing. Fab post and beautiful photos!

  8. Yes! Scotland rocks. Now you must go back to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival and Tattoo....the city comes alive with music on every corner. It is definitely magical.

  9. Oh how I loved Edinburgh! I only had one day there, would love to go back with Joel one day. Was so fun climbing Arthur's Seat - what a view! Random - you were there the same time as a girl I used to babysit for -- you both were instagramming photos the same day. Pretty cray! Love the photos!

  10. It's so nice to read about your home cities through someone else's eyes!


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