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shirt: JC Penney // jacket: similar // jeans: Dorothy Perkins UK // shoes: Target

I would not consider myself in expert in many things.
I'm an expert at oversleeping and running late.
I'm an expert at laughing way too loud at inappropriate moments.
I also could be considered an expert in making meals the husband will like (good thing he eats everything), reading too many books at a time, procrastinating and eating lots of chips and salsa.

I am not, however, an expert in fashion.

I bring this up because I'll be holding a fashion workshop at the Influence Conference. The point of the workshop is not for me to hold court as an expert, but to host a conversation about faith and fashion-- something I think most people would think wouldn't mix.

But what I've been learning is that God is in all things-- big things and little things-- even little things like what you wear.

I share what I wear on the blog because I like it. I get a (strange) joy in putting outfits together (and always have-- ask my mother) and I like to encourage other people to do the same: to find a style that makes them feel good. Style isn't about just buying the next best or latest thing-- it's a form of art, really, a creative thing to have fun with. 

If you're thinking about going to the conference, check it out. And if not, that's totally cool-- now you just know what my areas of expertise. :)

xo, erika

p.s. do you like the dandelions in our overgrown grass? Forget weeding them; we're starting a dandelion farm... ;)


  1. With such an open and humble heart you are going to do well at the conference and I bet everyone is going to appreciate the welcoming environment of your workshop. Also, I love the pants in this post such a pretty color!

  2. I love, love, love it...faith and fashion. I personally feel the exact same way - I'm excited you do too, and will be sharing and conveying this message.

  3. I actually quite like the dandelions lining your walk way! haha! I try to keep them on our grass but for some odd reason my mum always pulls them up! haha! ;)

  4. That sounds like a great topic for Influence. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Suddenly Darling (http://suddenlydarling.com/about-us289), but it's a great site for women. It's mostly geared toward a younger demographic, but the concept is the same. Being fashionable while conscious of positive self-image and modesty.

  5. aww i wish i could go to your workshop!! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. Congrats friend! I'm sure that's going to be such an amazing experience for you!! xo JA

  7. That's exciting, Erika! I think that would be an awesome workshop to attend at Influence!

  8. Haha I wish we had grass to have dandelions in. Still only snow.

    P.S. You look super sassy in these pics today, I love it!

  9. SO excited to meet you at Influence Conference :) This workshop is gonna be amazing.




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