the dirty hair manifesto (a tutorial)

 So I think you guys all know my secret by now...

I don't wash my hair that often. And before you go all "eeeewww, Erika" on me, hear me out.

Not only does this allow me to be more lazy in the morning, but it's actually not good to wash your hair daily because it can dry it out which leads to damaged hair or hair that overproduces oil.

And I know what you're thinking right now -- you're thinking that your hair is too greasy, that you can't do this, but let me tell you something. I was just like you. In high school I got up way too early to wash and blow dry my hair every day and it was rough going.

Then I got to college and well I was too busy flirting with the future husband to be washin the ol' hair, and I met a friend who taught me how to rock dirty hair.

And now I want to pass what she taught me onto you!

First off, the products:

baby powder: this product is like the best thing ever. Yes, it's great for baby bums but it also absorbs hair greasies like no one's business. Even if you have dark hair, a little bit of baby powder goes a long way. My trick? Put it in at night so it has time to absorb and you can avoid the powdered hair look.

dry shampoo: this is a recent addition to my dirty hair arsenal and I mainly use it after I workout to freshen my hair and do some major dirty hair control. Suave and Tresemme brands are great.

hair pretties: a pretty headband, or this adorable mint turban by rayna jaye is a great way to hide your greasies. Or, put it up! I have a pretty strict dirty hair schedule. Day one-- it's blow-dried, down and straightened. Day two, it gets a bit of waves, and day three it's hiding in a top knot or another updo. I love the tye for doing these sort of styles.

not pictured: teasing comb! If your hair gets limp and flat when it's dirty, I highly recommend a teasing comb that can plump it up. Also, hair with a bit of body can also hide those greasy, lank roots. (how gross of a word is lank?)

Finally, you need to know that this regime takes TIME. You have to train your hair. Right now your hair may be used to getting washed every day, so it gets greasy quickly. With time, you can train it to go longer-- just expect some really painful greasy days while you get there. But it's worth it. I promise. :) Think of it as the greasy hair olympics.

questions? comments? holla at me. I do love talking about my dirty hair. ;)

xo, erika
p.s.  I do wash my hair though-- most often every two days.  :)


  1. great tips! In the past few weeks, I've switched to a three day routine (used to be just washing every other day). You're right about it taking time, but it ends up saving me so much time b/c my hair is long! I also rely on headbands, updos and baby powder :)

  2. I've never washed my hair every day [I'm pretty much far too lazy to do that]. I've always been a wash every other day and that suits me just fine! Never thought about using the baby talc, I always shelled out for the dry shampoo products which never seemed to do much for my hair!

  3. these are some really great tips! I wash my hair twice a week, but just started doing that about two months ago. its amazing.

  4. Your hair looks so cute all three days Erika!!

    This past weekend I didn't wash my hair everyday and it didn't look horrible. I threw it up into a bun and I kinda liked it!! It is all thanks to you for showing me (+ the world) how unwashed hair can look good. :)

  5. I wash my hair every 4 days =) Totally use the spray, teasing comb, up-dos and a blowdryer on day 2.
    I just love your braids!

  6. I really wish I didn't have to wash my hair every day. Unfortunately, if my hair isn't clean the rest of me doesn't feel clean =-(

  7. This is pretty much my routine! Unless I go swimming or something. But straight, curly, updo is my cycle. People have learned if my hair is up, it's probably pretty dirty haha.

  8. Dry shampoo is my life saver. Im so guilty! :) Hope you are doing well girly!

  9. My hair is a very similar shade of red and I used to be a once a day washer but not anymore. Now I am down to once a week and I am thinking of goin' no poo as well. The main difference is my hair starts out curly and ends the week straight. Thanks for the post it's good to hear about your tactics / tips very useful!

  10. You say you don't wash your hair.. but i'm sure you do in the end, how often ?

  11. i have dry shampoo and that exact mint turban on right now! :)

  12. Bahaha I love you. You & Baby powder are bffs and I love it. Me and Dry Shampoo are bffs so don't try and steal our friendship. Ok. Otherwise I'll have to cut ya! Bon qui qui style! ;)

    Luv ya lady!

  13. I love to rock dirty hair too! I only wash my hair every 2-3 days because otherwise my hair starts to feel dry at the ends. I've never tried baby powder or dry shampoo, I might need to check it out!! You look hot! Move to CA now!

  14. Thanks for the tips! In the last three weeks or so, I just switched from washing my hair every day to washing it every other day. I now love not washing it on the days I go to work, so sometimes I wash it Saturday and Sunday so I don't have to on my work days. It surprisingly has not been that awful. My hair is normally on the greasy side but it has been totally fine since I started doing this! I usually straighten it and leave it down, or put it in a side ponytail on no wash days...or I curl it and leave it down or pull it back to give it a little body.
    It's starting to get hotter outside, though, so I'm nervous about it being sweaty in the mornings. I think I will try your baby powder suggestion and see how that works! Thanks! xoxo

  15. Great post! I actually have to plan to not wash my hair on days that I want to look really nice, because that first day washed look for my hair, is really not that good looking. It always looks better on day two. As for baby powder .. Use it in my hair all the time, but I also use other scented powders too, when I want to smell nice but not overly perfumed. It does double duty. Most perfume lines also have a powder!


  16. Dry shampoo for life! My hair always styles better on days 2-3 so I thank god for these tips and tricks every day! Sweet post :)


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