the husband approves this outfit

 sweater: Madewell 2 years ago // necklace: love is rising // skirt: Gap  tights: no idea  // boots: Nordstrom 3 years ago

My husband always tells me that I know what looks good, but some women's styles confuse him.

Like cropped jackets and jeans-- he always wonders if they shrunk in the wash.

And he's confused about tights under shorts.

And recently, we had a discussion about floral jeans. That, my friends, is another style that he and most guys don't get.

But then every so often I discover a happy medium. An outfit that I love and he loves.

Why do I love this outfit? It's comfortable and colorful.

And why does the husband approve?

I'm wearing purple and gold -- the colors of his favorite team: the University of Washington Huskies. I can't argue. The man is a die-hard Husky fan.

Do you think there are styles that some guys "don't get?" Or are there styles that you don't get? (I for one do not think petal pushers-- those super short tight capris are ever a good idea.)

xo, erika

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  1. Loving this cute & comfy outfit :) I really like the floral pants/jeans trend - but the hubs totally doesn't understand why I would want some crazy pattern all over my legs...oh well!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I love this outfit! The colors are so fun! I always get excited when my hubby likes my outfit too. :)

  3. I don't really like petal pushers either!! I went through a phase in middle school when I wore them ALL the time!! I am so glad that I am over *that*!!

    and I love this outfit!! That skirt is an AMAZING color!! and I love it paired with the tights, boots + sweater!! It all complements eachother really well!!

  4. so cute! I love finding an outfit my husband likes too. Looks very comfy!

  5. What is with them comparing colors of clothes/nail polish etc to sports teams? Hah! My boyfriend does that all the time, oh those are "insert team name here" colors. Men are funny funny creatures! The outfit is super cute and looks very comfy!

  6. I'll have to ask Boyfriend about this... he's pretty accepting about most of the things I wear. I guess we'll see.

  7. Ha ha! The title of this post made me laugh! There is sooooo much my husband doesn't "get" about clothes and make up (What's that black stuff you put on your eyes?! He means mascara!) Ha!

    Both of us don't get the cropped top thing though ;D xx

  8. cute! my husband gets confused about a lot of different styles too!

  9. My man doesn't like boots of jeans when it isn't raining or snowy- good thing there's no shortage of rain around Tacoma. Actually, there are a lot of things he doesn't like or get... but he teaches high school. He sees a lot of irresponsible style choices.

  10. very cute!! huskies fan huh? i'm from washington :)


  11. just stumbled upon your cute blog, so inspiring and i look forward to reading more!



  12. Cute look, I like the grey color and yellow mix!

  13. haha cute story- but such an adorable outfit!

  14. Haha...yes, my hubby has strange taste sometimes! I've always thought of huge oversized shirts/sweaters as kinda man repellers, but in his mind they are incredibly cute and "sexy"! Strange to find out :) I bought a darling little polka dot dress for our first special date after being engaged, thought it was super attractive cause it was a little clingier and tighter than normal and had a pretty neckline. But he HATED it and asked me to change because he didn't like the 1" ruffle trim on the neck!!! Just never know with boys.

    <3 Cambria

  15. I adore that skirt! perfect color :)


  16. loving the off the shoulder sweater!

  17. love it when the hubs digs what i'm wearing and compliments without prompting!

    p.s. i so aprove too! love the combo!

  18. haha I just blogged about my boots that my husband was kinda shocked that I bought! You will have to read my post :) I think your outfit is fabulous. Loving that it is bright and colorful. BTW great blog really loving your style and now following :)



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