what i wore: color blocking

I've fallen hard for color-blocking.

color-blocking- verb- the act of pairing unusual colors or colors in the same family, like I did here with teal & kelly green.

what I wore:
cardigan: target    t-shirt: H&M    necklace: love is rising    jeans: urban outfitters    shoes: wanted 

I went safe with a white tee, but I hope to get more daring later on.

Want tips on how to mix and match solid colors effectively? This video is helpful. :)

xo, erika

pleated poppy


  1. I am just GREEN with envy over your gorgeous color blocking outfit. Great job!

  2. Great color blocking choices. Looks comfy! :0)

  3. I dig the color blocking, lady! You rocked it!

  4. Super cute! =) Love your dresser too!

  5. LOVE this look!! Those green colors look so well together ((esp. with your beautiful red hair!!))


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