what we wore wine tasting

me: sweater//f21  belt//old navy clearance  skirt//nordstrom  boots//nordstrom
katie: earrings//fremont market  sweater dress// h&m  tights// target  boots//hand-me-down

As I mentioned earlier this week, I went wine tasting in Eastern Washington with a few friends this weekend to celebrate my friend Katie's birthday.  

Katie is a dear friend of mine and we've only become close recently but I value her for her honesty, her wisdom and her passion for those she cares for.

I am blessed because Katie is someone who supports my etsy shop 100 percent. In fact, if you take a look at few of my shop images, you may recognize her face there.

She recently gave me a few of her old t-shirts because she thought I could make some things for the shop out of them. 

The older I get, the more I value friends more for their support, honesty, wisdom than for the things we have in common. In junior high my best friends were those that I sat with at lunch. Today my best friends are those that will sit with me through anything. 

What makes your friends dear to you? 

xo, erika

p.s. I'm still loving that maxi skirt. I think I wear it once a week and this combination of loose belted sweater with the slim knit of the skirt may be one of my favorites. What do you think?

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  1. I LOVE that red skirt!! Nothing is better than finding treasures at Old Navy!!

  2. I think I would wear that skirt every week too if I owned it. I love the color! and it's perfect for fall :)
    I love a supportive friend too. The ones that ask me how I'm doing, text or call to check in are dear to me!

  3. I LOVE that skirt!!!! I am really looking to add more red into my wardrobe and a skirt like that would be perfect!!

    And I agree with you 100%. Honesty is SO important to me. Perhaps, the most important thing!!

  4. You look fab, dahling! :) My BFF gave me some "vintage" jewelry of hers to use in my Etsy shop. Don't you love friends who support what you do and create? Yay. <3

  5. the red skirt looks fab!!
    the friends that are most dear to me are those with whom it is possible to catch up instantly without any awkwardness even if we haven't seen each other in months or even years!

  6. cant wait to see what great things you make with those t-shirts! what a great friend you have in each other! that is such a blessing between girls

  7. That skirt is such a fabulous color! Looks great on you!


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