pretending I'm in Spain

 cardi: Target(+ vintage buttons)     tee: Urban Outfitters      scarf: Spain     belt: vintage   
skirt: Old Navy clearance   tights: no idea    boots: Nordstroms

There are dead winter branches behind me and it hasn't been too warm, but with this red silk scarf I'm pretending I'm in Spain taking in the culture and sunshine. Picture me at a cafe with cobblestones beneath my feet-- rather than in a backyard with a soggy lawn.

When my dad was in Seville, Spain a few months ago he bought this silk scarf for me. I love the bright cherry red color and the soft feel of it. I don't have anything else that's 100% silk.

I was nervous about pairing it with an emerald green cardigan but against neutrals it pops rather nicely and doesn't feel too Christmas-y. Or at least I didn't think so.

Do you ever mix colors-- like green and red or even red and pink? I'm trying to do it a little more often. Imagining myself in fashion-focused Spain helps. :)

xo, erika
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  1. I do lots of red and pink... sometimes you just have to!

  2. I love these color combos!! That cardigan is such a beautiful color and so is that scarf!! Your dad is such a sweetheart!
    And 100% silk is just amazing!!
    I have scored a couple of dresses at thrift stores that I thought were just really silky and soft only to come home to find out that they are silk! I love wonderful little surprises!! :)

  3. I usually get scared to do so much color mixing. You did a really great job. I like the scarf. :)

  4. Your color mixing looks great! It's not too Christmassy, but it is complementary. I love your boots!

  5. ahhh I just notied how awesome your bangs are--did you always have those or is this recent? I want thick bangs so bad but im a scurred.

  6. Tahnks for the lovely comment on my blog! You're such a sweetheart!

    This is a very cute outfit... you've got just the right shade of green to go with the red. I've just fallen recently in love with pink and red, I did a post recently with those colours! (Am following you now)

    Catherine x

  7. Classy look with that red scarf, glad you like it.

  8. Classy look with that red scarf, glad you like it.


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