what i wore: rust & brown

ancient sweater: no idea  t-shirt: h&m  belt: old navy  bangle: thrifted  skirt & boots: nordstrom 

 One of my favorite trends to move into fall and winter is the maxi skirt. After some skepticism and a long search, I bought a rust-red maxi skirt from Nordstrom. I thought my height (5'4) wouldn't work with the skirt but surprisingly a knit maxi skirt is flattering and above all comfortable.

When I wear this thing it's like I'm wearing fancy pajama pants. I kind of like that.

And I loved that it's one of those things in my closet that I will be able to wear all-year round.

It's perfect with wedges in the summer and then flats and boots in the fall and winter. With some knee high socks or leggings underneath, I'm sure I'll be rocking this skirt well past November.

I wear it with a shirt tucked in and a belt, or for a little more casual look, a loose blouse layered over.  The knit keeps the skirt from looking a little more fitted and ultimately a little more flattering than perhaps a crepe or long pleated skirt would.

Do you have something in your closet that works all year? And have you given into the maxi skirt trend? You'll thank me if you do :)

xo, erika

p.s. i just watched the movie "Halloween" with the husband. I think I'm still scared. I could barely handle the movie "Signs"... "Halloween" was a little beyond that. (but I was digging the 1970s fashion.)

pleated poppy

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  1. Wait- WHeN did you get this skirt?! Ive been looking for a maxi skirt somewhere in the red family for forever!!

  2. You are so stinking cute! I'm so glad I got to sit next to you at BLog Sugar! Love this outfit. THe maxi is perfect on you.

  3. love the maxi...the rust and the brown look great together!
    the red looks so pretty with your hair as well!!


  4. Stopping by from WIWW. Great color combo! And I've recently (and finally) taken to the maxi trend because I'm SO with ya--they totally feel like fancy pajamas. That's exactly how I talk about them!


  5. i was very hesitant about the long dress/maxi trend too, but now i love it! it looks great on you!

  6. Love this outfit!. Colors are perfect and you are rocking it girl!. New follower from WIWW. xx

  7. Oh, I love that skirt, the color is awesome! I need more long skirts in my wardrobe.

  8. My favorite outfit to date. You are gorgeous!

  9. I used to LOVE maxi skirts in high school and finally bought one last week from Old Navy. I love it... they're so COMFY.

  10. You are so cute!! Loving this outfit & your hair looks so pretty!

  11. you look gorgeous! loving your hair big time!

  12. You're gorgeous and love the outfit! I love wearing gauchos year around.


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