i conserve water

It's funny. The husband is finally getting used to the outfit shot. (And I'm getting a little used to it as well... or at least less self-conscious.)

The other day when I came home from work, he told me that I looked beautiful.

"You should blog about your outfit," he told me.

"But it's so simple!" I responded.

"But it's cute," he answered. Well, can't argue with that, can I?

These are a few of the shots he took. (Even Nesby is getting good at posing.)

sundress: Target
belt: vintage
shoes: Marshalls from last year. (tacky white pearls removed)
Nesby's collar: Bird-E studios

But Tuesday it was all about the self-timer...

polka-dot top: Old Navy-- recent shopping trip with my cousin. Good job Old Navy!
 jeans: Urban Outfitters (I wear these SEVERAL times a week. I loooove them)
shoes: Steve Madden from Nordstrom. (these also show up in my wardrobe all the time)

do you have something you wear several days a week? 

 earrings: Forever 21
hair clip: Rouge & Whimsy-- new OOAK* vintage line I'm working on :) super excited
necklace: inherited from my Grammy

Do you love the hair style? I copied it. 

The girl in front of me in church did it and I couldn't help but think how elegant it looked, even above her gray t-shirt.

TO DO: Simply twist a large piece of hair along the back of your head, then wrap the remaining hair into a bun and secure with a rubber band. You can use bobby pins for extra support but most of the time I feel like they're too high maintence and so I don't use 'em. Plus I like the undone look. ;)

This is the second day in a row I've worn my hair like this.

This is the third day my hair has not been washed.

Do not judge; I'm just conserving water.

*for the longest time I had no idea that OOAK meant one of a kind. But then again, this is coming from the girl that didn't know about jk until it wasn't cool anymore.

pleated poppy


  1. You crack me up...and make me want to move to Seattle real bad so we can be friends IRL. I wash my hair every other day (at most) but am so bad with wearing it in different ways. I think you've inspired me to try this one though.
    I love your outfits and your sweet dog posing!

  2. I love the first outfit, the color is awesome!

  3. You are too funny lol.

    I wish I could go more than a day without washing my hair. The only time I do is if I have the day off and I'm not going anywhere. My hair is way too greasy otherwise =-( And dry shampoo just doesn't seem to help.

  4. Your hair is just to pretty!!
    I wear a black pair of flats several days a week, but I have yet to find a good pair of jeans!
    I hope you have a lovely day, you're always a pleasure to read (:
    -Sandra Ponycat

  5. i wear my jeans a few times a week, ok like every day...ha! im so glad im not the only one...

  6. Your hair doesn't seem really bad not like mine. Well I do wash my hair but I'm still having a real bad hairday everyday. BTW the first and second picture is really great on you. Being concern for the environment is a great act that should be recognized by everyone because we all can benefit from it. Might wanna try to go green and have Environmental Training.


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