what i wore [in hawaii]

So it's summer for the rest of you. For some of you it's like summer on steroids.

But for a lot of us on the West Coast... make that northern West Coast... it's really been a subpar summer in terms of temperature.

Which was why I was so excited 
to forgo the scarf I wore the day before I left...

 cardigan: Target
tee: H&M
scarf: Portland Saturday Market booth
jeans: Urban Outfitters

for some summer-y Hawaii duds

Tank: Target for evers ago
Skirt: Anthropologie (birthday present!)
Sandals: Target
Sunburn: My own design
 glasses: Costco
tee: Urban Outfitters
cardigan: Nordstrom
shorts: thrifted

 maxi dress: Nordstrom (on sale!)
belt: my Mom's (circa 1982)
Shoes: Seychelles

now I know what you're thinking...

I'm dressed so unpatriotically. But don't you worry
I had it handled...

red white and blue baby.
tank: Nordstrom
shorts: thrifted
sandals: Target

pleated poppy

p.s. winner winner chicken dinner! 

No you don't win a chicken dinner, but something better!
BETH you won the crocheted headband from Life Handmade! I'm going to email you :)

xo- Erika


  1. You looks great! Love your fun RED accessories...I wasn't decked out in R,W,B for the 4th either ;)
    I'm so excited I won!

  2. Bahahaha I love the photo of you on the 4th of July! Hilarious. :) Love that Maxi dress!


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